The PhD in International Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University (KSU) has students from around the world, creating a dynamic, yet intimate, educational environment. International Conflict Management is a field that currently has few opportunities for advanced training. This PhD program offers several key elements unavailable in most other doctoral programs in this field to top-quality, advanced graduate students. Each doctoral student, after completing the core courses, is given the flexibility to focus their studies in their desired area.

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  • The PhD in International Conflict Management is one of only a few such programs available in North America. PhD students accepted into the program receive broad interdisciplinary training and opportunities that draw on an array of academic disciplines. Graduates will be able to address problems from a sophisticated knowledge base of substantive, theoretical, practical, and methodological approaches.The core courses prepare them in key global competencies including:
    1. Intercultural dynamics of global conflict
    2. Economic conflict analysis
    3. International relations
    4. Conflict management theory
    Methodological preparation is rigorous, including required and optional courses in quantitative and qualitative methods, research design, and international program and policy analysis and evaluation. 
  • To become a leading PhD program preparing scholar-practitioners for the complex challenges of preventing, managing, and transforming international conflict.
  • This full-time, interdisciplinary, in-residence program is designed to meet the global demand for scholar-practitioners to address the complex array of international conflict and security challenges through the development and implementation of empirically based research, policy recommendations, and solutions. PhD in International Conflict Management graduates are prepared to compete for tenure-track university faculty appointments and a wide range of operational positions in government, non-governmental agencies, and the global business community.

    Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Read their stories here.

  • INCM PhD offers several key elements unavailable in most other doctoral programs in this field to top quality graduate students:

    1. The interdisciplinary nature of the program provides graduates with broad training allowing them to integrate the latest research findings into theoretically rich, issue-relevant publications and reports.
    2. The rigorous methodological training prepares graduates to address global conflict issues using the latest and most effective quantitative and qualitative research methods.
    3. The international experience allows graduates to integrate theory and practice in their analysis of international conflict.
    4. Professional competency in a language other than English prepares students for the successful application of their skills in the global arena.
    5. The pedagogical training specific to the higher education context and their guided teaching experiences offer exceptional preparation for graduates interested in academic careers.
    6. Access to experienced faculty and close working relationships with professors facilitate collaborative research and timely completion of dissertations and the PhD degree.
    7. The diversity on campus (students from 142 countries currently study at KSU) and in the graduate program contributes to a broad understanding of global conflict issues.
    8. The strong links between KSU and the Atlanta metro region and its outstanding resources provide exemplary opportunities for collaboration beyond the campus.
  • Student Careers after the Ph.D. Program

    Academic Positions

    • Executive Director, Strategic Studies & Partnerships & Associate Professor, University of North Georgia
    • Director, United Nations Regional Centre of Expertise, Salisbury University
    • Director of International Student Services, Dixie State University
    • Ombudsperson, Georgia State University
    • Professor (FH) Vice Director of Studies Sports, Culture & Event Management,
      University of Kufstein, Austria
    • Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, University of West Georgia
    • Assistant Professor of Conflict Engagement, Creighton University, School of Law
    • Lecturer, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
    • Lecturer of Sociology, Georgia State University
    • Instructor Political Science and Public Affairs, Savannah State
    • Instructor, Bethune-Cookman University
    • Full-time Temporary Instructor of Political Science and Public Affairs,
      Savannah State
    • Adjunct Instructor, University of Missouri
    • Part-time Assistant Professor of Political Science, Kennesaw State University

    Research and Administrative Positions

    • Head of Training for Peace Program, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Ghana
    • Deputy Manager, Nepal Telecom, Nepal
    • Data Analyst and Researcher, Montana Office of Public Instruction K20
    • Market Research Analyst, Cisco
    • Senior Data Science Associate, PwC, GSRC
    • Trainer & Clinical Social Worker, UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center
    • Enterprise Risk Management - Operations Analyst, Guidehouse
    • Independent Data Consulting, Center for Disease Control
    • Senior Tax Auditor, Ghana Revenue Authority
    • Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church



    Student Testimonials

    "The decision to pursue a Ph.D. degree, as strategic and beneficial it can be for one’s career, can be somewhat difficult to make, considering the time, level of commitment, and dedication such requires. I did not realize at the time in my pursuit for the perfect degree how pleasantly challenging and contagiously engaging Kennesaw State University’s Ph.D. program in International Conflict Management would become. The Ph.D. International Conflict Management distinctively offers a blend of both theory and practice with a multidisciplinary focus. The students in each cohort come from various backgrounds and countries, bringing in their own wonderful perspectives to conflict management, peacebuilding, and development. My experience in this program was transformative with examples in the sense about the diversity and cultural richness of fellow students, to the plethora of networking and events that were made available to us, as well as the incessant motivation of the faculty."

    -Dr. Brittany Foutz, PhD in International Conflict Managemet Alumni


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