Course of Study

For over a decade, the PhD Program in International Conflict Management has been preparing students to become scholar-practitioners equipped with the knowledge and skills to address complex global conflicts. For information on our specific courses, see the degree information in the KSU Graduate Catalog

Course Schedule Requirement Checklist

The INCM program admits students in Fall (main admissions window) and Spring semester. Core courses are offered once per year so students have the opportunity to learn in a supportive cohort system while also having the flexibility to select their own elective courses.

*Students are solely responsible for registering for classes via Owl Express. For registration numbers (i.e. CRN 80500) for each class, visit

    • INCM 8000 - Comparative Approaches to Knowledge
    • INCM 8001 - Theories of International Conflict: International Relations Approaches
    • INCM 8002 - Theories of International Conflict: Economic Approaches
    • INCM 8005 - Professional Knowledge for the PhD  
    • INCM 8003 - Theories of International Conflict: Sociocultural Approaches  
    • INCM 8004 - Theories of International Conflict: Peace and Conflict Studies Approaches  
    • INCM 9101 - Fundamentals of Research Design 
    •  INCM 9103 - Qualitative Methods 

    Elective of Choice  

    • INCM 9102 - Quantitative Methods 

    Advanced Methods Course
    Electives of Choice 

    Advanced Research Methods (3 Credit Hours)

    • INCM 9210 - Advanced Quantitative Methods
    • INCM 9230 - Advanced Qualitative Methods
    • INCM 9250 - International Program and Management Evaluation
    • INCM 9290 - Special Topics in Research Methods

    Or other approved methods course

Other Requirements:

In addition to these core courses, students must also complete:

  • 6 credit hours of peacebuilding and development coursework
  • Comprehensive exams (offered every January; students typically take after third semester)
  • Dissertation Colloquium
  • Dissertation Defense

Sample Syllabi

PHDINCM GraduationTime Limit

All requirements for a Ph.D. degree must be completed within seven years, beginning with the first registration in graduate-level classes following admission to the degree program. Extension of time may be granted in special circumstances. Only courses in which credit has been earned within seven years of the date of admission will be counted for degree credit.