Spring 2023 Mentoring Moment


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 17, 2023) — Our last Mentoring Moment for Spring 2023 was conducted April 12.  Ms. Kimberly McCoy, Director of the Victim Witness Unit for the District Attorney's Office, Cobb Judicial Circuit, and her team provided information on the many ways victims can be assisted as they learn how to navigate the criminal justice system.  Responsible for providing direct support and notification services to victims and witnesses of felony criminal acts, Ms. McCoy and her team provided insight in the tasks required so that victims of crime can have a voice in, participate in, and be notified of events in a criminal case.  Dr. Crowder, our Mentoring Moment Coordinator, said, "The criminal justice system often gets bogged down in criminal rights and procedures.  Victim-Witness Units, such as those lead by Ms. McCoy, ensure we remember and take care of those victimized by criminals.  I appreciate Ms. McCoy and her team visiting and sharing this important role in the system."