Dr. Jesse Benjamin Research and Publications

Books and Edited Volumes

     Asha T. Rodney and Jesse J. Benjamin (eds.), The Groundings With My Brothers, 50th Anniversary Edition, new Introduction by Carole Boyce Davies, and new reflective essays by Patricia Rodney, Randall Robinson, Verene Shepherd, Jerry Small, David Austin, New York and London: Verso, April 27, 2019.

     Robin D. G. Kelley and Jesse J. Benjamin (eds.), The Russian Revolution: A View from the Third World, by Walter A. Rodney, London and New York: Verso Press, July 10, 2018. [Long “lost” manuscript, edited and published for the first time, with extended theoretical introduction by editors.]

Articles and Chapters

     Jesse Benjamin and Devyn Springer, “Groundings: A Revolutionary Pan-African Pedagogy for Guerilla Intellectuals,” in: Radical Philosophy and Education: A Chronicle, Derek Ford (ed.), Leiden: Brill, 2019. (accepted)

     Jesse Benjamin, “North Africa and the Origins of Epistemic Blackness,” invited chapter, UNESCO African World History, Volume IX, special volume on Epistemology, Hilary Beckles and Carole Boyce Davies (eds.), UNESCO, University of California Press, forthcoming 2019.

     Jesse J. Benjamin and Robin D. G. Kelley, “Introduction: An “African Perspective” on the Russian Revolution,” in Walter A. Rodney, Walter Rodney’s Russian Revolution: A View from the Third World, Robin D. G. Kelley and Jesse J. Benjamin (eds.), London and New York: Verso Press, July 10, 2018.

     Jesse Benjamin, “Walter Rodney,” entry in Black Power Encyclopedia: From “Black is Beautiful” to Urban Uprisings, Akinyele Umoja, Karin L. Stanford and Jasmin A. Young eds., ABC-CLIO, June 2018.

Dr. Joel Crombez Publications

     Joel Michael Crombez, "Anxiety, Modern Society, and the Critical Method Toward a Theory and Practice of Critical Socioanalysis", Brill, March 2021.

 Dr. Linda Treiber Research and Publications

     Dr. Linda Treiber, Professor of Sociology, published 4 journal articles in 2018.  These were co-authored with School of Nursing colleague, Dr. Jackie Jones. Her research with Dr. Jones was also featured in a professional specialty nursing membership publication, INSider.

     Treiber, Linda A. and Jackie H. Jones. 2018. “After the Medication Error: Recent Nursing Graduates’ Reflections on Adequacy of Education.” Journal of Nursing Education 57 (5): 275-280.

     Jones, Jackie H. and Linda A. Treiber. 2018. “Including Authority with Accountability and Responsibility” Nursing Forum 53 (3) 299-303. Published ahead of print April 23, 2018. Doi:

     Treiber, Linda A. and Jackie H. Jones. 2018. “Making an Infusion Error: The Second Victims of Infusion Therapy-Related Medication Errors.” Journal of Infusion Nursing, 41(3): 156-163.

     Jones, Jackie H. and Linda Treiber. 2018. “Over 1 Million Potential Second Victims--How Many Could Nursing Education Prevent?” Nurse Educator 43 (3) 154-157. Published ahead of print August 16, 2017.

Dr. Evelina Sterling Research and Publications

Dr. Evelina Sterling has been researching self-management programs for over 15 years.  The purpose of self-management programs is encourage behavior change by providing necessary information, tools, and support for people living with chronic conditions.  Based on the Stanford Model for self-management, Dr. Sterling worked with Emory University to adapt and evaluate an innovative self-management program designed to effectively meet the specific needs of people with serious mental illness.  This research has resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications, most recently “Peer-Led Medical Disease Self-Management for Patients with Serious Mental Illness:  A Randomized Trial” in Psychiatric Services (2018).  Dr. Sterling also recently received a 3-year $400,000 NIH grant to develop and evaluate a self-management program targeting low-income African American men with multiple chronic conditions, including both physical and mental health issues.

Dr. Evelina Sterling has been combining her expertise in maternal and child health and mental health to further investigate pregnant opioid users in rural North Georgia.  Pregnant opioid users experience many barriers to appropriate prenatal care and drug treatment.  Living in rural North Georgia creates additional challenges due to severe culture differences and access difficulties that prevent women from seeking services, often due to fear of punishment.  In 2018, Dr. Sterling received a grant from the Georgia Health Foundation to assess these barriers and create recommendations that would assist pregnant opioid users in accessing appropriate care.  Dr. Sterling is also working with a community-based organization called Someone Cares on a $2.5 million 5-year SAMHSA grant to expand behavioral health services and resources to other underserved populations affected by the opioid epidemic. 

Dr. Evelina Sterling is currently researching menstrual health education.  In 2018, she co-authored a research paper entitled “Psychosocial Vulnerability, Resilience Resources, and Coping with Infertility:  A Longitudinal Model of Adjustment to Primary Ovarian Insufficiency” published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine.  She is one of two American researchers selected to represent the United States on a large scale project sponsored the European Union focusing on reducing stigma and improving menstrual health education globally.  In 2018, she was invited to present her preliminary findings and recommendations about state of menstrual health in the United States at the American Public Health Association.