Dr. Joel Crombez publishes a new book entitled, "Anxiety, Modern Society, and the Critical Method Toward a Theory of Practice of Critical Socioanalysis"

KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 18, 2021)Anxiety, Modern Society, and the Critical Method interrogates the
historical intersections of political economy, technology, and
anxiety. By analyzing and building upon the tools developed by
critical theorists to diagnose the symptoms of modern life—such
as alienation, anomie, the Protestant ethic, and repression—Joel
Michael Crombez convincingly argues for a revitalization of critical
social science to better confront the anxiety of life in modern

With anxiety typically falling under the purview of psychology and
its biomedical approach to treatment, here anxiety is
demonstrated to have origins in the totalizing logics of modern
society. As such, Crombez provides an interdisciplinary roadmap
to diagnose and treat anxiety—which he calls critical
socioanalysis—that accounts for the psychosocial complexity of
its production.