Students and Faculty Travel to Macon YDC

KENNESAW, Ga. (Feb 29, 2024)Students at Macon YDCKSU CJ, Sociology, and Theatre students and faculty traveled to the Macon YDC this week for a workshop and performance with their fellow students. Spring 2024 marks the inaugural class with all students (KSU, Macon YDC, Eastman YDC) learning and working together and truly collaborating as peers. Our first performance in front of about 30 YDC educators, staff, and students, as well as DJJ representatives was truly impressive. Students studied Shakespeare's Sonnets and in only four weeks together created their literary works inspired by these classics on the topics of love, loss, and friendship. Our SCJ students (Lindsy Pack, Hannah Harrison, Hannah Guibault, and Ethan Gizzi) did a fantastic job!