Our Mission, Vision, & Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Norman J. Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS) Undergraduate Advising Center is to create a holistic, learning-centered advising experience for each student that visits our center to feel supported through partnering with an advisor to empower a student to take charge of their educational path to meet their educational, career and life goals.

Our Vision

The RCHSS undergraduate advising center team strives to be recognized nationally for excellence in academic advising that contributes to a student’s retention, progression and graduation success.

Our Goals

  • Provide accurate information about curriculum, educational opportunities, requirements, policies and procedures.
  • Students will understand the value of partnering with an advisor and the role the partnership plays in the student’s success at KSU.
  • Ensure students have access to knowledgeable and trained advisors who demonstrate care and respect.
  • Communicate regularly with students to monitor and evaluate their degree progression.
  • Teach the importance of balancing academics, career, and social life so students learn to be successful and learn the necessity of prioritizing.
  • Teach students to utilize university resources to maximize both their educational and personal potential.
  • Collaborate with student services from the university community to provide effective referrals and holistic support to our students.
  • Improve our academic advising by utilizing assessment programs.