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Welcome to The Interdisciplinary Studies Department (ISD) at Kennesaw State University. With its focus on interdisciplinary teaching, scholarship, and community service, ISD is an innovative and forward-looking department that seeks to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century, challenges that require understanding the interconnectedness of people and ideas. Our courses bring together insights and faculty from multiple disciplines across the university and encourage engaged scholarly activities aimed at solving real world problems, from the local to the global.

ISD houses several interdisciplinary programs – Black Studies, Comparative American Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Latin American and Latinx Studies, Leaderships Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Peace and Justice Studies, Religious Studies, and Studies in Science, Technology, and Society. The department offers undergraduate degrees in Black Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies, an M.A. in American Studies, and multiple minors and certificates that prepare students for leadership in an increasingly complex world. Our interdisciplinary programming promotes the development of thoughtful, engaged, critical thinkers who know how to practice integrative thinking across disciplines, combine methodological rigor with contemporary relevance, and attend to local communities while fostering global and intercultural understanding.

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