Master of Arts in American Studies

KSU’s Master of Arts in American Studies (MAST) program offers an interdisciplinary study of American cultures as they exist locally, regionally, nationally, and transnationally. As the sole American Studies graduate curriculum in the University System of Georgia, KSU’s course of study introduces students to the most important and innovative scholarship dealing with the United States and the Americas and their role in the world. Students will have the opportunity to engage in practical, project-based learning linked to their own professional development needs and interests. Thus, students will not only learn cutting-edge approaches to the study of American history, politics, literature, arts, and culture, but they will also apply this knowledge through group work, collaborations with faculty, community service, and career-related capstone projects. Students also have the opportunity to pursue humanities and social science based thesis projects as preparation for further graduate training. The MA program in American Studies provides an infield upgrade for certified high school History and English teachers as well as middle-grades social studies and language arts teachers in the state of Georgia.

To learn more, please visit the MAST website.