Certificate in Diversity and Community Engagement

The Certificate in Diversity and Community Engagement educates students about the theory and history of diversity concerns (national and global) as these relate to interdisciplinary study and praxis. Students will take courses that focus on regional and global diversity concerns that are likely to impact their choices of community action and/or career; one course will require them to develop their own engagement project focused on social justice issues. This certificate is designed for students in a wide variety of majors who have a particular interest in studying diversity issues from an interdisciplinary perspective while also participating in a community engagement project. Students with this certificate will have a better understanding of the increasingly diverse world they live in, including the sorts of communities they will inevitably be entering. Students will acquire an important perspective on the significance of diversity issues from the local to the global level, while also gaining experience in community activism or advocacy.

For more information on specific classes, see our Diversity and Community Engagement certificate information in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.