Minor in Latin American and Latina/o Studies

The Latin American and Latinx Studies (LALS) minor will offer the student an in depth and interdisciplinary understanding of the Latin American region, and an understanding as well of the Latino peoples in the United States.

Indeed, a minor in LALS will give students greater insights into the entire Americas,and the forces that sometimes unite and sometimes divide this "Western Hemisphere". To achieve this goal, the LALS minor offers a wide range of courses. Students will be permitted to take appropriate internships, study abroad, directed studies, and special topics including "Year Of" classes. LALS is designed to enhance academic majors in a wide variety of fields, and careers such as: * business, * international affairs, * education, * government service, and * journalism, among others.

For more information on specific classes, see our Latin American & Latinx Studies minor information in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.

Important Information about Minors

When you declare a formal minor, it is not automatically displayed on your transcript. In order for your Minor to appear on your transcript, you must fill out a special "Minor Form" with the registrar when you petition to graduate.

  • A minimum of six (6) hours in the minor must be taken in residence at Kennesaw State University.