Peace Corps Prep Program

Welcome to the Kennesaw State University Interdisciplinary Studies Department Peace Corps Prep Program!

The Peace Corps Prep Program is not an additional degree program. The courses you take will be ones that will fit into or complement your major. You’ll build 4 core competencies through coursework, hands-on experience, and professional development support. The 4 competencies:

  1. Training and experience in a specific work sector
  2. Foreign language skills
  3. Intercultural competence
  4. Professional and leadership development


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Watch this video for an overview of the program

General information for all students

We recommend that you speak with the Peace Corps Prep Program Coordinator BEFORE you engage in any activity you intend to count towards a Peace Corps Prep requirement. Carson Bay can be contacted at

To find appropriate field experience placements, please speak with your faculty advisor, VKSU, Career Services Center, and/or the Office of Community Engagement.

Education majors should go through the Center for Educational Placements and Partnerships. A link can be found here:

In order to ensure verification of field experience, all field experiences should be coordinated through VKSU, which is located at the Carmichael Student Center

There are routinely study abroad opportunities that integrate significant elements of language learning, service learning and/or community engagement, and intercultural experiences. Consult with the Peace Corps Prep Program Coordinator and have it PRE-APPROVED if you intend to count it towards your Intercultural Competence and/or Field Experience Requirements. An update date list of study abroad experiences can be found here: