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ISD Alumni Spotlight

Emmie Trull, Graduate of MA in American Studies Program

Emmie TrullThe American Studies Program at Kennesaw State University was perfect for me! Through my time spent at KSU, I was able to research and study many various and different things; from railway transportation to Latin American literature to international MLB athletes, I enjoyed every class I attended. I am very passionate about athletics and as a former student-athlete, I was very passionate about women’s collegiate athletics. With American Studies being an interdisciplinary program, I was able to focus my research from the beginning to the end solely on that in different variations. My capstone research was focused on stereotypes and gender power struggles in women’s collegiate athletic attendance and I plan to expand this research in the years to come. This program helped me in my career because of the extensiveness of the interdisciplinary focus American Studies has. Every view point was examined and discussed which helped in having an open mind of other opinions while also still voicing your own. The variety of things I learned in my time at KSU prepared me for my current career of working with different types of people as well as being educated on different cultures. I would recommend the AMST program at KSU to anyone!


Ashlyn Smart, Peace Studies minor

Ashlyn SmartI took my first Peace Studies class the beginning of my junior year at Kennesaw State. From that point, my complete course of study changed. I could not have asked for a more supportive and encouraging department to assist me with the academic transition and to show me how truly passionate I was about my future in the field. As a new Alumni who has started life outside of college, I can honestly say that in addition to being more understanding of global issues and peace building strategies that assist in my day to day work life, I have gained skills through the Interdisciplinary Studies Department that help me approach every situation with a holistic, understanding mindset. I believe that this counts for much more than any other university experience.