Our Mission

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice prepares students to understand and deal with diversity, justice, modernization, and social change. The core competencies emphasized by this department prepare graduates to enter careers requiring technological facility, communication skills, data gathering and analysis, applied research skills, community awareness and involvement, problem-solving, critical thinking, professional writing, an understanding of the structure and functioning of groups and organizations, critical self-reflection, interpersonal and intercultural skills, and adherence to the highest ethical standards . Besides career preparation, specific concentrations in the majors also provide background for graduate or professional study in each of our two disciplines.

This department encourages flexible faculty roles, recognizes the diversity of faculty talent, professional experiences, and advances the University’s mission by maximizing the strengths and talents of individual faculty. The department strives to achieve student-centered education and student success. The faculty actively mentors students in a process of professional socialization in which students develop practical, marketable skills and take responsibility for their own lifelong learning. The department fosters a vibrant learning community in which students and faculty members interact as colleagues in a mutual process of respect and growth.