MSCJ student Alexandria Goldstein wins award at SCJA

KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 17, 2020) — Master of Science in Criminal Justice (“MSCJ”) student Alexandria Goldstein won the 1st place award at the Southern Criminal Justice Association's Research Showcase (2020), in the category "Masters Student Lightning Talks."

The winning presentation was a part of her thesis titled “Police Officers’ Perception and Knowledge Regarding Miranda and the Public Safety Exception.” She will be defending her thesis on October 30, 2020. Her committee is chaired by Dr. Christopher Totten joined by committee members Dr. Gang Lee and Dr. Richard Stringer. Alexandria anticipates graduating with honors from MSCJ program in December 2020.

She previously received her Bachelor of Science degree from Kennesaw State University in Psychological Science with a minor in Criminology. While an undergraduate, Alexandria was part of the Honors College and contributed to a number of research projects. In addition, she was a part of the Accelerated Bachelor’s – Master’s (“ABM”) Program in Criminal Justice.

Alexandria is applying to Ph.D. programs in Psychology and Law.