Dr. Jim McCafferty helps launch the Criminology Consortium

Dr. McCafferty helps launch the Criminology Consortium

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 12, 2021) — In 2020, the annual conferences of the two largest criminology associations were cancelled due to the pandemic. To help fill the void from these and other cancellations, Dr. McCafferty joined with four colleagues from around the country to create the Criminology Consortium (CrimCon) – a new academic organization for persons interested in criminal justice and criminology research. The purpose of CrimCon was to deliver a virtual and international conference for academics, practitioners, and students. 


Dr. McCafferty joined the executive board as a founding member and began working to create CrimCon in June of 2020. CrimCon was held across three days in November 2020. The conference program included more than 300 researchers representing 22 countries who participated in 96 research panels and roundtables. In total 1,629 people representing 34 countries attended the conference. CrimCon was fully funded by approximately $1,000 in donations, it was free for all participants and attendees, and the conference was run entirely by the five board members and four volunteers.


As a result of this success, Dr. McCafferty and fellow board members were invited by the American Society of Criminology to submit an article to The Criminologist about CrimCon’s history, purpose, and the planning of the conference. That article was recently published in the January 2021 issue of The Criminologist: