Drs. McMahon-Howard, Scherer, and McCafferty publish an article on “Campus Carry” in the Journal of School Violence

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 17, 2019) — Drs. McMahon-Howard, Scherer, and McCafferty recently published an article, “Concealed Guns on College Campuses: Examining Support for Campus Carry Among Faculty, Staff, and Students,” in the Journal of School Violence (Impact Factor: 2.42).  Using a sample of approximately 2,700 faculty/administrators, staff, and students, this study found differences in support for allowing concealed guns on campus across the different subgroups on campus.  While 57% of students support campus carry, support for the law was lower among staff (39%) and faculty/administrators (19%).  Also, the results from the multivariate analyses indicated that the predictors of support for the law differed for faculty/administrators compared to staff and students.



McMahon-Howard, J., Scherer, H., & McCafferty, J. (2018). Concealed guns on college campuses: Examining support for campus carry among faculty, staff, and students. Journal of School Violence, https://doi.org/10.1080/15388220.2018.1553717