Dr. Fein retires October 1st and receives Emeritus status on November 1st

KENNESAW, Ga. (Oct 19, 2018) — Dr. Melvyn Fein joined Kennesaw State University as an Assistant Professor of Sociology in 1991. He was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 1996 and was promoted to Professor in 2000.  Dr. Fein has faithfully and enthusiastically served KSU in the intervening 27 years. Throughout that time he has been a vocal and staunch department defender and leader.

For decades Dr. Fein has been a dedicated instructor to thousands of KSU undergraduate students. He has taught numerous Sociology courses, especially upper-division courses required for majors. In addition to his indefatigable classroom instruction, he taught dozens of Directed Studies and served on hundreds of Internship panels. Dr. Fein was also an advisor par excellence and prided himself on the useful academic and career advice given to hundreds of students over the years. Dr. Fein’s unique position as a certified clinical sociologist with years of applied, clinical experience, Dr. Fein was extremely well-positioned to provide advice to graduating students. Dr. Fein loves to write, having written 18 books and 9 peer-reviewed articles since 1988. He frequently shared his views and insights in dozens of academic presentations at local, regional, national, and international conferences over the years. He is also very proud of the prodigious number of opinion columns he has written for the Marietta Daily Journal and the Cherokee Tribune & Ledger. The opinion pieces in newspapers and on his blog represent a discipline trend towards “public sociology,” where academics seek to break down discipline walls and engage non-academic audiences. During his academic career, Dr. Fein has given back to the department, college, university, discipline, and the community. For the greater discipline of Sociology, he has served as a board member for the Georgia Sociological Association for decades and served as the editor of the association’s Journal of Public and Professional Sociology and its newsletter, The Semaphore. He was also elected president of the association. Dr. Fein’s cv lists numerous other professional service roles at all levels.

Congratulations Dr. Fein on your retirement and well deserved Emeritus status.