Faculty-Created Video Captioning

The WLRC is proud to assist faculty in the Department of World Languages and Cultures to meet federal accessibility requirements by helping with the creation of closed caption files that can be added to your videos on just about any platform, including MediaSpace and YouTube.

    1. You request captioning assistance with the form above.
    2. The WLRC pairs your project with a specific tutor. A private channel is created in the WLRC Virtual Lab on Microsoft Teams, and an email sent to you, the tutor, and the WLRC Coordinator and Director with a description of the project and a timeline.
    3. You upload your video(s) to the Files tab of the project’s channel and use the @-function of MS Teams to message them directly from the channel.
    4. The tutor creates a draft .SRT (closed caption) file by uploading your video privately to YouTube and using the automatic captioning system.
    5. The tutor edits the .SRT file for language errors and timing
    6. The tutor exports the edited .SRT file, uploads it to the Files tab in the project channel, and uses the @-function to notify you that it’s ready.
    7. The tutor deletes your video from YouTube

    If you have questions about how to integrate a caption file to your video, check out this guide or contact the WLRC Director.

    • We can only caption videos that you create. If you need subtitles for a third-party video, it's best to either search for a version that already has closed captions or contact the creator.
    • Projects are prioritized according to the following criteria: 1) courses that have a documented student accessibility need; 2) courses for the following semester; 3) first-come-first-served.
    • Every ten minutes of video usually takes about an hour of time to caption properly. Projects have a minimum of one hour of labor and we always round up, so we will estimate that a 12-minute video will take two hours to caption. Please keep in mind that even two hours is a significant part of a tutor's usual schedule.
    • A tutor’s priority will always be helping students with their coursework and language learning; the tutor will contact you promptly if there is a change in the estimated timeline.