Student Video Competition

Watch the Spring 2021 Winning Videos

Sushi, Smashburgers, Mole and more!

Spring 2021 Competition: Culinary Cultures

  • Culinary Cultures

    Celebrate food cultures around the world and win up to $200!

    Create a three- to five- minute video that presents a recipe and explains its cultural significance or special history.

Submission Form

Your submission needs to have a "lead producer." If this is a solo effort, that's you! If you submit a group project, we need to have just one contact person.

You need to host your video publicly on a site like YouTube or Vimeo. So that we can see and share your video, we need the "embed code," which will probably look like:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Rules FAQ

  • You just need to be...

    1. a Kennesaw State student
    2. an undergraduate student
    3. enrolled in a foreign language course this semester
  • There are four awards available. Three prizes are awarded by a panel of DFL faculty judges: 1st Place - $200, 2nd Place - $150, 3rd Place - $100.

    There will also be a Student Choice award of $50, selected by the Kennesaw State student body.

  • Awards are paid by check from the Kennesaw State bursar.
  • English-language entries are encouraged, but you can submit a video in another language so long as it has English subtitles.
  • Complete the submission form above. Please note:

    1. You need to host your video on an independent platform, like YouTube or Vimeo. 
    2. Your video must be viewable by the public at large
    3. Your must submit your embed code, not its URL
  • A panel of Department of World Languages and Cultures faculty will score each video using the following rubric:

    Content: Is the video of an appropriate length and subject matter? (Could we easily recreate this recipe at home and identify its cultural and historical significance?)

    Originality: Does the subject matter and its treatment demonstrate an original perspective and style?

    Impact: Is the video well-organized? Does it include media, rhetoric, and colorful details to draw and maintain the viewer’s attention?

    Production: Do the camerawork, lighting, audio and people’s performances support the clear communication of a message – or do technical errors or limitations distract the viewer?

  • All appropriate submissions will be posted to a page here on the WLRC website. The gallery will have a link to a Qualtrics survey: vote for all the videos you love! (And make sure your friends vote, too!) The video with the most popular votes wins.

    In the case of a tie, the winners split the prize money.

  • Adobe Spark is a great platform - and it's free!
  • Submission deadline is 11:59 pm on April 16.
  • Of course! However, one "lead producer" needs to be main contact, and we can only write a check to one person.
  • Contact the Director of the World Languages Resource Collection, Dr. Noah McLaughlin: