Testing: Placement, Examination for Credit & OPI(c)

Placement Testing

Want to know which course you should register for? Take the Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam (CAPE), hosted by the World Languages Resource Collection.

Examinations for Credit

  • The Department of World Languages and Cultures administers Advanced Standing Exams for 3200, 3302 and 3303 in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The form and instructions can be found here.

    Please contact Nina Burnette for details, (470) 578-6366.

    Application Forms
  • For the Department of World Languages and Cultures (DWLC), Kennesaw State University only administers and accepts CLEP Subject Examinations for French, German, and Spanish. Examinees must be a currently registered student at Kennesaw State University in order to be tested at KSU. Students will not be permitted to take a CLEP exam or to receive credit by examination for a course in which the student is currently or was previously enrolled, unless the student withdrew from the course within the drop/add registration period.

    All CLEP exams are computerized and are completed in one sitting; EXCEPT the CLEP Composition Modular exam. This exam requires two appointments. The first appointment consists of a 90-minute computerized multiple-choice exam. Upon passing this section the student will then make his/her second appointment along with another sitting fee of $22.00. The second appointment is a timed 90 minute typed essay (typed on the computer in Word).

    More information: testing.kennesaw.edu 

  • The KSU Academic Testing Services Team has officially assumed responsibility for administering the Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS). FLATS exams offer students the opportunity to receive credit by examination for language proficiency in over 50 foreign languages. For more information about FLATS, please visit or call the KSU Academic Testing Services Team at 470-578-4800 (Kennesaw Campus) 470-578-3982 (Marietta Campus).

  • The state of Georgia requires candidates for educator certification to take the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE®) as part of the educator certification process. These computer-delivered assessments have been developed by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) and Educational Testing Service (ETS).

    The purpose of the GACE assessments is to assure that the knowledge and skills acquired by prospective Georgia educators are aligned with state and national standards for educator preparation and with state standards for the P–12 student curriculum — the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).

    The GACE website is the best source of information for questions regarding test administration, test preparation, and related GACE issues: gace.ets.org

  • The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) or Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardized test designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese language proficiency of nonnative speakers. The test is supervised by the State HSK Commission under the People Republic of China Ministry of Education. 

    The Atlanta Contemporary Chinese Academy (ACCA) is currently the official test center for North America.

Oral Proficiency Interview: OPI & OPI(c)

Procedures for OPI scheduling

FLED candidates can consult the OPI Familiarization Manual for more information.

Prior to Registering Online: You must confirm 2-3 available dates with the proctor (contact TBD August 2021). These dates must be at least 10 (ten) business days from the first requested date.

Information needed to apply online

Register online at: http://www.languagetesting.com 

Click on the "Apply for Academic Test" link
Click on GA Teacher Only under the "Apply on Internet" column
Proctor Name: TBD August 2021
Email: TBD August 2021
Phone: TBD August 2021

You must purchase a phone card in order to place and charge the phone call for your scheduled OPI appointment.

Cost of phone interview: $134.00, however, the fee is determined by ACTFL and beyond the authority of KSU, so fees may increase without prior notice. 

Mock Interviews & Training

Ms. Karen Graf (Spanish) can help students do a mock interview.

Tutors in the World Languages Resource Collection are also trained to help you prepare.

Additional Instructions for FLED majors

A recommendation for a teaching certificate in a foreign language requires a rating of Advanced Low (for Type I languages) or Intermediate High (for Type II languages) on the official Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Candidates in the Alternative Teacher Preparation Program in Foreign Languages must provide a copy of their OPI certificate with the appropriate rating before being admitted to theYearlong Clinical Internship I (FLED 4670). Undergraduate degree candidates (B.A. in Modern Language & Culture: Concentration II) must submit a copy of the official certificate during Yearlong Clinical Experience I (FLED 4650) in order to complete course requirements.