Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

  • Yes. Placement tests are offered that you can take from home, online, or on campus at various sites. Please refer to information on Placement Tests for details on how to take the placement tests.

  • Yes. KSU participates in the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE) program which permits you to “cross-register” for courses at other participating GA institutions. You must have your advisor's approval to cross-register so please contact the Department of Foreign Languages to arrange an appointment with an advisor and indicate that you wish to cross-register.

    Before meeting with your advisor, consult the websites of other ARCHE institutions to determine if they offer courses you can take. Carefully read the Eligibility Criteria Checklist on the ARCHE Cross Registration Application to make sure that you qualify for this opportunity.

  • Please consult the list of Academic Advisors to identify the appropriate advisor.

Modern Language and Culture Program (ML&C):

  • Most of your questions can be answered by visiting the Programs section of our website. If you don’t find answers to your questions there, please contact the Department for further assistance.

  • The ML&C degree with a primary language of Chinese, French, German, Italian, or Spanish requires the same number of courses (10 courses in the primary language above the intermediate level) at KSU as at other major USG institutions. (UGA and GSU, for example, require 10 courses above the intermediate level for their degrees.) The distinguishing feature of the KSU program is the addition of an applied "concentration" which directly links a student’s language study to her/his professional goals.

  • Yes, you may peruse a "second degree" in ML&C. The KSU Undergraduate Catalog states:
    "Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from an institution regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges may obtain a second baccalaureate degree from KSU by satisfying the following requirements:
    • Meet all major requirements listed for the chosen program of study.
    • Complete the Georgia Legislature history and Constitution requirements.
    • Students earn at least 30 semester hours in residence at Kennesaw State University. If the first baccalaureate degree was earned at Kennesaw State University, this 30 hours must be in excess of any hours used towards the first baccalaureate degree.
    • Complete (for students with majors in the Bagwell College of Education) the lower division major requirement courses in Education."
    A Department of Foreign Languages advisor can assist you in determining which courses you will need to complete for the second degree. Please call the Department office at 470-578-6366 to arrange an appointment with an advisor.
  • The BA in ML&C comprises 39 hours, 30 hours of coursework in CHNS, FREN, GRMN, ITAL, or SPAN and 9 hours of coursework in the students Concentration. At least 30 semester hours of upper-division course work in the major field must be completed at KSU. In addition, at least 24 hours of the 39 hours required for the degree must be earned in residence at KSU. At least 39 hours of upper-division work must be completed overall. (NB: Lower-level coursework substitututed for upper-level does not count; however if coursework is transferred in through the KSU database and approved at the upper-division, that coursework can be counted in the total of 39 hours required.) Your transfer evaluation report will indicate which courses are transferred to KSU with a KSU equivalent number. A Department of Foreign Languages advisor can assist you in determining which courses you will need to complete for the degree at KSU. Please call the Department office at 470-578-6366 to arrange an appointment with an advisor.
  • Yes, however, you may complete up to three of the required courses by taking an examination for advanced standing. To determine if you are eligible to take the advanced standing examinations, please consult our webpage on Testing which explains the examination procedures and provides contact information to receive additional information.
  • All of our minors require 5 courses in the language, beginning with your language's 2002, after which you need to complete 4 courses at the 3000 level or above. You do not need to see an advisor to declare a minor; however, we would appreciate your contacting our office to let us know of your intent to minor.

Foreign Languages Education Program (FLED)

  • We offer two options, depending on your current employment circumstances.

    OPTION #1: If you are currently employed or have a firm offer of employment as a full-time teacher of a foreign language (either modern or classical) in a public or private SACS-accredited school in Georgia, you may qualified for admission to our Alternative Teacher Education (ATP) program, completion of which leads to State of Georgia Induction Certificate. You will find more details about this program on the ATP website.

    OPTION #2: If you have an undergraduate degree in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish from a regionally-accredited institution, you may pursue certification in these languages by completing a second degree. The second degree requires 33 hours of upper division courses in education (including a yearlong clinical experience in a P-12 school setting) and the completion of the lower division major requirements in Education. Please consult the online KSU Undergraduate Catalog for details on second majors. For more information about the program, go to the FLED program page.