We hear a lot about Russia in the news, and the National Security Education Program identifies Russian as a critical-need language, but it's more than a way to get a signing bonus from the CIA. Russian is the language of Fabergé, Tolstoy, and Stravinsky. It is the most widely spoken Slavic language and the largest native language in Europe, with 144 million speakers; Russian is also the third most widespread language on the Internet after English and German. 

At Kennesaw State University, we offer courses in introductory-level Russian that go beyond the fundamentals of its unique script and phonetics. You also learn how to use the language in everyday situations, and how a even a basic knowledge of the language can enrich other fields of study, like cinema, science, and even architecture. Our coursework includes reflections about intercultural experiences and self-assessment to build your critical thinking skills.

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You can find Russian courses at Kennesaw State with the prefix RUSS in the course catalog. We usually offer four courses each academic year:

  • Fall
  • RUSS 1001 Introduction to Russian Language and Culture I

    RUSS 2001 Intermediate Russian Languages and Cultures I

    RUSS 1002 Introduction to Russian Languages and Cultures II

    RUSS 2002 Intermediate Russian Languages and Cultures II

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