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Poesia China: Eight Poems

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  • Chicago Bean

    Nuova poesia Americana. Chicago e le praterie

    Select poems translated by Federica Santini. Published by Nino Aragno Editore



        • Anthology of Chinese Poetry Cover

          Translations of春的暴力 (Violence of Spring), 礼物 (The Gift), and 九月的火焰 (Flame of September in Ta Bei)

          By Sha Huang in the Anthology of Chinese Poetry, edited by Xuan Gong, from Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, pp 96-101.
          • cover

            Translations into Italian of Poems by Anne Sexton

            By Federica Santini and Beppe Cavatorta, JIT, Journal of Italian Translation, Vol. XIV, N. 2, Fall 2019, p. 72-85.
            • cover

              "'Finally I made it to the City': Comic Violence and Culture Clashes in Ruzante’s Dialogues."

              Written by Andrea Scapolo in Annali d'Italianistica 37, pages 1-26.
              • cover

                "The Vitruvian Source of Marvell’s Tortoise in 'Upon Appleton House, To My Lord Fairfax'"

                Written by Dylan Goldblatt in South Central Review 36.3, Fall 2019 
                • TESOL Journal cover

                  "Fostering creativity and language skills of foreign language learners through SMART learning environments: Evidence from fifth‐grade Korean EFL learners"

                  Written by Keun Huh & Jeongyi Lee in TESOL Journal
                  • cover

                    "Staging the Revolution: The Politics of the Theater of Dario Fo and Franca Rame"

                    Written by Andrea Scaplo in Essays on Dario Fo: Remembering the Consummate Playwright/Performer, edited by Antonio Scuderi, from Troubadour Publishing Ltd.
                    • cover

                      "Guilt and Autonomy in Geoffrey Hill’s and Hermann Broch’s Works"

                      Written by Olaf Berwald in Complicity and the Politics of Representation, edited by Cornelia Wächter and Robert Wirth, from Rowland and Littlefield International. 
                      • cover

                        “Waiting as Resistance: Confined Spaces in Broch and Weiss"

                        Written by Olaf Berwald in Timescapes of Waiting: Spaces of Stasis, Delay and Deferral, edited by Christoph Singer, Robert Wirth and Olaf Berwald, from Brill.
                        • cover

                          "Happiness, The Wound and the Word: Aminatta Forna Joins the Conversation on Trauma."

                          Written by Omar Chérif Diop in the Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry, vol 6.3, September 2019 , pp. 388-399
                          • cover

                            "Acquisition of Tone Sandhis by English Speaking Learners of Chinese"

                            Written by Wenhua Jin in the Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages. Vol 25, pp 67-107.
                            • cover

                              Deconstructing the Model in 20th and 21-st Century Italian Experimental Writings

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                              • cover

                                "Las voces de la memoria en la serie televisiva Cuéntame cómo pasó"

                                Written by Zaya Rustamova and published in Mito e historia en la televisión y el cine español, edited by Christine Blackshaw Naberhaus (Albatros Ediciones. Valencia, 2019, p. 233-252).
                                • cover

                                  Blanca Andreu, Galicia, and the New Iberian Mysticism: From Post-Mortem to Post-Mystic

                                  Written by Robert Simon and published by Rowman and Littlefield


                                  • Reading in a Foreign Language cover

                                    "Effective Strategies Groups Used by Readers of Chinese as a Foreign Language"

                                    Written by Sha Huang Reading in a Foreign Language 30.1 (2018), pp 1-28
                                    • "北美中文学习者词汇推测研究: 策略,困难,及教学建议 (An investigation into word inferring process of CFL learners in America: Strategies, difficulties, and pedagogical implication

                                      Written by Sha Huang in 中美人文学刊 (Sino-American Humanity Studies), volume 2
                                      • NCOLTCL Logo

                                        "Authentic Texts as Reading Materials in a Chinese as a Foreign Language Classroom: Learners’ Perceptions and Pedagogical Implications"

                                        Written by Sha Huang in The Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages, volume 23
                                        • Chinese as a Second Language journal cover

                                          "A qualitative case study of CSL readers' reading strategies"

                                          Written by Sha Huang in Chinese as a Second Language 53.2 
                                          • cover

                                            José Prats Sariol, Delusions: A Bilingual Collection of Short Stories

                                            Translated by Anja Bernardy and published by Casa Vacia
                                            • cover

                                              Violence and Trauma in Selected African Literature

                                              Written by Oumar Chérif Diop and published by Africa World Press
                                              • cover

                                                Francophonie académique et dynamique des savoirs contemporains

                                                Edited by Achille Elvice Bella, Thierry Léger, Sanda-Maria Ardeleanu et Louis Hervé Ngafomo and published by Connaissances et savoirs
                                                • cover

                                                  Environment and Pedagogy in Higher Education

                                                  Edited by Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson and published by Rowman and Littlefield
                                                  • cover

                                                    Justice and Human Dignity in Africa and the African Diaspora

                                                    Special Issue of the Journal of African Literature Association edited by MaryEllen Higgins & Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson