Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies

Discover the World Through Asian Studies at Kennesaw State

At Kennesaw State, the Asian Studies program opens doors to the world. Whether you are pursuing a future in education, business, or non-profit sectors, our program equips you with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Immerse yourself in the languages and cultures of Asia and prepare for a future that transcends borders.  

Multifaceted Exploration: Our program offers a multidimensional journey into Asian Studies. Delve into the languages and cultures, literature, philosophy, religion, art, history, politics, education, business, and other aspects of this vast continent. 

Language Proficiency: Choose from languages such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean and master the essential communication skills needed for professional and personal interactions. 

Interdisciplinary Approach: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Asian cultures and societies through a comparative and interdisciplinary lens. Our approach fosters holistic cultural competence, enabling you to thrive in Asia-related contexts. 

Real-World Experience: Elevate your career readiness with a range of opportunities. Engage in study abroad and exchange programs in Asia, unlock internship possibilities, and explore the Asian Studies/MBA Double OWL Pathways program for a unique blend of business abilities and cultural understanding. 

Career Possibilities: Our graduates are making a real impact in educational, business, and non-profit organizations related to Asia. Join them and embark on a fulfilling career that allows you to connect, collaborate, and excel in the ever-evolving global landscape. 

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Asian Studies Learning Resources

ASIA 1102: Introduction to Asian Cultures shared materials