Open the door to a rich tradition of literature, philosophy, and science with a language that has 14 different words for falling in love! Arabic and its 30 varieties are spoken by 422 million peoplemaking it one of the five most spoken languages in the world. Beyond the 22 member countries of the Arab League, it also has a global diaspora, particularly in Latin America (especially Brazil and Argentina) and Western Europe (including France, Spain, Germany or Italy). 

At Kennesaw State University, we offer courses in introductory-level Arabic that go beyond the fundamentals of its unique script and phonetics. You also learn how to use the language in everyday situations, and how even a basic knowledge of the language can enrich other fields of study, like astronomy, medicine, and poetry. Our coursework includes reflections about intercultural experiences and self-assessment to build your critical thinking skills.

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Arabic courses at Kennesaw State use the prefix FL in the catalog. We usually offer four courses each academic year:

  • Fall
  • FL 1001 Introduction to Arabic I

    FL 1002 Introduction to Arabic II

  • FL 2001 Intermediate Arabic I

    FL 2002 Intermediate Arabic II

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