The earliest examples of written Paleo-Hebrew date from the 10th century BCE, but it's more than an ancient language of the Bible. It has literally come back from extinction. It's the language of Leonard Bernstein, as well as poets like Hayim Nahman Bialik, part of a rich literary tradition. Israel is one of the world’s fastest-growing high-tech economies and a country of constant importance on the world stage. There is an estimated 9 million Hebrew speakers across the world, and the United States has the world's second largest Hebrew-speaking population!

At Kennesaw State University, we offer courses in introductory-level Hebrew that go beyond the fundamentals of its unique script and phonetics. You also learn how to use the language in everyday situations, and how a even a basic knowledge of the language can enrich other fields, like religious studies, history, and political science. Our coursework includes reflections about intercultural experiences and self-assessment to build your critical thinking skills.

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You can find Hebrew course offerings using the prefix HEBR in KSU Undergraduate Catalog. You can take Introductory Hebrew (HEBR 1001) nearly every Spring and Fall semester, and once a year we offer a course in Biblical Hebrew (HEBR 1050) that has no language prerequisites!

Toy טוי - ריקוד העם הרשמי The official Israeli Folk Dance

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