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    For the Love of French

    Twice a semester, join French faculty for conversations in English and French about Francophone cultures around the world. Each event has a different theme.

Spoken by more 274 million people on five continents, French can do more than open doors on the international job market, it is also one of the official languages of the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross.

The French program at Kennesaw State builds proficiency in critical 21st cenutry skills through diverse cultural and linguistic explorations of the Francophone world.

Studying French gives you the opportunity to critically explore literatures and cultures around the world with courses that build your skills in understanding French-language texts, interacting with native speakers, and presenting your own thoughts in engaging ways. A major or minor in French compliments and expands many fields of study from biology to sociology and beyond. And, did you know that it's become easier than ever to double major at Kennesaw State?


French majors at Kennesaw State earn a B.A. in Modern Language and Culture, which has four concentrations to choose from, including Second Language and Culture, Teacher Certification in Foreign Language (FLED), Applied Business and Cross-disciplinary Perspectives.

All majors participate in an immersive internship or study abroad experience, and produce a capstone research project in French that reflects a profound understanding of important issues and demonstrates a Advanced-Low proficiency on the ACTFL scale.


Minoring in French and Francophone Studies compliments requires only 15 credit hours and starts at FREN 2002. If you have advanced studies in French or are a native or heritage speaker, you can even earn credits with an advanced standing exam.

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