Tutoring Training & Resources


All tutors in the World Languages Resource Collection complete a 10-module workshop hosted on Desire 2 Learn during the first semester they are hired. The workshop orients the tutors to the FLRC's resources and engages them in activities about effective practices in language learning. The modules are:

  1. Orientation to the WLRC
  2. Language Learning as a Process
  3. Structuring a Tutoring Session
  4. Go-To Learning Strategies
  5. Diverse Learners
  6. Helping with Written Assignments
  7. Helping with Oral Assignments & the OPI(c)
  8. Reading Strategies
  9. Listening Strategies
  10. Getting to Know Faculty & Coursework

Each module includes critical readings or videos, with follow-up quizzes or discussions, and an activity to apply the module's concepts in a meaningful way. This workshop is a special project developed by the WLRC's Materials Creation Program and was created by Allison Webb, Spanish and Foreign Language Education Lecturer in Kennesaw State's Department of World Languages and Cultures.

For more information, contact Noah McLaughlin, FLRC Director.