KSU Celebrates with GODR for their 25th Anniversary!

 KSU Conflict and GODR
Dr. Susan Raines, Associate Director, School of Conflict Management; Tracy Johnson, Director of GODR; Ansley Barton, founding Director of both GODR and the MSCM program

Speakers include Dr. Susan Raines and Ms. Ansley Barton

KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 4, 2018) — This year marked the 25th Anniversary of the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. In celebration and as a thank you to those working in conflict resolution and mediation, the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution, in tandem with the Paulding County Courthouse, hosted a seminar. There were over 100 people in attendance. The attendees ranged from mediators to judges and lawyers, and other people interested in the field of dispute resolution. The presentations featured Ms. Ansley Barton, Esq. of Conflict Management Services and Dr. Susan Raines of the Kennesaw State University's School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development as guest speakers. Their presentations were given as free continuing education credits to attendees. Dr. Raines spoke first on the topic of "Staying Safe While Mediating or Representing Volatile Clients." She was followed by Ms. Barton who spoke on the topic of "Ethics: The Heart of Mediation." Both speakers highlighted important topics, specifically in light of a recent tragedy in the community. Additional events have been scheduled for the anniversary celebration in other areas of Georgia and can be found on the GODR website.