Internships & Career Opportunities


How to Receive Academic Credit for an Internship

Anthropology (ANTH 3398)

Contact Person: Dr. Susan Kirkpatrick Smith

Geography (GEOG 3398)

Contact Person: Uli Ingram

Geospatial Sciences (GIS 3398, GIS 4415):

Contact Person: Dr. Nancy Pullen

All students must complete a mandatory online internship orientation for the semester PRIOR to intended internship (contact Dr. Nancy Pullen at for more information).

Land Surveying (SURV 4110):

Contact Person: Dr.Allen Roberts

Career Overview Videos

These are a sampling of the variety of career pathways to which our degree programs may potentially lead. 

Anthropologists and Archaeologists




Archivists, Curators, Museum Workers

Urban and Regional Planners

Environmental Specialists