Summer Institute

SI Tech DayEvery summer educators attend the KMWP Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) to examine their practice and analyze research & theory related to the teaching of writing and its role in student learning. These teachers return to their classrooms as KMWP teacher leaders: models of effective disciplinary literacy instruction for their schools and districts.

Through the KMWP ISI, fellows enter a community of dedicated professionals who are committed to the improvement of education through effective writing practices.

Three core principles guide the work of the ISI:

  1. Teachers are the best teachers of other teachers.
  2. Teachers are writers who understand and improve their practice when they write themselves.
  3. Teachers are leaders who can affect change in their classrooms and communities.


  • The experience has already impacted me personally as I have seen myself grow in the way I look at myself as a writer, a teacher, and a person”

  • I realized that I could write!  Now I need to apply all that I’ve learned to my teaching.  I feel energized and ready to go”

  • Writing for my peers brought more authenticity to my teaching, and I can see how writing for the public (publishing) could be a paradigm-shifting experience”