Mission & Vision


The World Languages Resource Collection serves the Kennesaw State community by supporting student achievement fostering innovative approaches to teaching and learning foreign languages and cultures, and advocating for their essential role in a twenty-first century education.

The WLRC supports student achievement primarily with foreign language tutoring, available to all Kennesaw State students free of charge and without an appointment. WLRC tutors are Kennesaw State students themselves, often native or heritage speakers of the language they tutor, and they undergo training in effective teaching strategies. Students can consult with tutors in person, by email, or via video chat.

The collection helps students and faculty to select the appropriate course by offering the CAPE placement test. It also curates online resources for independent study of world languages and cultures, and it is Kennesaw State's unique curator of world cinema DVD collection.

The WLRC helps faculty to keep their teaching fresh and effective with the Materials Creation Program. The MCP offers faculty stipends for the creation of interpersonal oral activities and other teaching or study materials that utilize research-based, high-leverage teaching practices.

WLRC faculty and staff advocate consistently and broadly about events organized by the Department of World Languages and Cultures. We also promote innovative teaching approaches and highlight new technologies to WLC faculty and students. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit our YouTube channel.

Vision for 2023

The WLRC will continue to serve its core mission with the goal of creating a dynamic affinity space for exploring the languages and cultures of the world. From 2018 to 2023, we will:

Expand and strengthen our support of student achievement 

  • Train tutors and facilitating their engagement by students and faculty alike
  • Create a dynamic, searchable collection of authentic texts and web-based resources that support learning about world languages and cultures
  • Create a searchable database of foreign films with associated teaching and independent study materials

Expand our support of innovative teaching materials and methods

  • Expand the Materials Creation Program to all languages in the Department of World Languages and Cultures, and to the creation of interpretive as well as interpersonal activities
  • Organize a twice-monthly professional development brownbag series for faculty
  • Curate and archive the output of Faculty Learning Communities on the WLRC website

Broadly and effectively communicate WLC events and achievements to the world, as well as developments in teaching methods and teaching technologies to faculty and students 

  • Publish a monthly digital newsletter that highlights department events and achievements
  • Archive WLC events and promotional videos on our YouTube Channel
  • Leverage our social media accounts to disseminate information about events, achievements, and innovations