Our Mission

The Department of Geography and Anthropology is a student-centered department committed to fulfilling the mission of the Norman J. Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences, which is to prepare students with a liberal arts education that empowers them to understand the human condition, to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and to become contributing citizens in a global society. Geography seeks to study and understand the distribution and dynamics of human and natural features and the interrelationships between humans and their physical environment. Geospatial Science/Geographical Information Science applies geospatial technologies to analyze the spatial processes produced and/or modified by human-environment interactions. Anthropology examines prehistoric, historic, and contemporary peoples with such topics as human evolution, subsistence and settlement patterns, family, urbanization, development, transnationalism, globalization, social conflict, gender, symbolic systems, and human ecology through its archaeological, socio-cultural, and biological sub-disciplines. Thus, the Department seeks to provide and enrich students with a curriculum that addresses these components regarding the world's human, cultural, and physical systems. The Department is committed to conducting high quality research that reflects faculty expertise and interests; collaborative research with students is promoted. The Department strives to address the advisory and informational needs of the students, the University and the community at large. Through teaching, scholarship and service, the Department is committed to providing students with the knowledge, creativity and skills necessary to become productive global citizens of the world.