Anthropology Internships and Research Experiences

KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 30, 2019) — We recently launched a new informational blog about Anthropology Internship and Research Experiences at Kennesaw State University. On this site, you’ll find posts by our interns and research students as they engage with anthropology outside of the classroom.

Many of these experiences have led to jobs and graduate school. Our students build skills to find careers they love.

Posts are tagged by semester and year, sub-field of anthropology, and the location or organization. Explore their experiences so you can go find your own!

Find out more information about registering for these experiences on the Getting Started page on the blog. At KSU, Anthropology majors fulfill their Anthropological Applications requirement by completing either an internship (ANTH 3398) or a research practicum (ANTH 3397). 

If you are thinking about graduate school, both an internship and a practicum are good ideas. A practicum will give you a first-hand experience in research and a good writing sample. Begin by communicating with a professor that shares your particular interests in anthropology. They can guide you to a project that will work for ANTH 3397.

Looking to get right to work? An internship is ideal for you. Internships let you apply those anthropology skills in real and meaningful ways in your community and abroad! We encourage students to do more than one internship during their college career if they can. Our interns are often given job offers after they graduate.

Contact Dr. Alice Gooding for more information about the blog and visit the blog here: