Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. It examines behavior and mental processes in an effort to serve human welfare. The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychological Science is designed to provide students with strong research, communication, and critical thinking skills. As such, the program requires completion of an Introductory Psychology course, a Careers in Psychology course, a laboratory-based two-semester research sequence, courses from the primary areas of the discipline, and a senior capstone experience.

The undergraduate degree with a major in psychological science provides students with a strong foundation for graduate study in a variety of disciplines. It also provides a broad liberal arts education that can serve as an entry point into bachelor’s degree-level careers. Students are encouraged to select courses in consultation with an advisor. 

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For more information on specific classes, see our page in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog. Checklists for these and previous degree requirements are available using the "Program Checklists" link.

Statistics Pathway

PSYC majors now have the option to pursue a Statistics Pathway in General Education Core Requirements by completing STAT 1401 in Area A2 and DATA 1501 in Area D1.

The 8-semester plan for the BS in PSYC degree can be viewed here.

Why take the Statistics Pathway?

  • Through completion of this course pathway through Gen Ed, PSYC majors (especially those considering graduate school) will have the opportunity to develop additional statistical and data analysis skills during pursuit of their BS in PSYC degree.
  • Should students complete these Gen Ed courses prior to enrolling in PSYC 2500 and/or PSYC 3000, they will enter PSYC 2500/3000 having already gained skills/knowledge on the subjects of statistics and data science.