Psychology Lab

Psych Lab

The KSU Psychology Lab is a resource center for all psychology majors, minors, and any student enrolled in a Psychology course. The lab is located on the Kennesaw Campus in the Social Sciences Building on the fourth floor, in Room 4026. It has 10 computers, available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Psychology Lab Student Assistants are available to answer your questions regarding PSYC 1101, PSYC 2500, PSYC 3000, and PSYC 4100 course content.  We can answer questions related to APA style, experimental design, statistical analyses, article searches, SPSS, and general psychology content. And if we don’t have the answers to your questions, we can direct you to where you’ll be able to find the answers!

We do want to note that we wouldn’t be able to help students with completing particular course assignments.  However, we can help you with strengthening your skills and content knowledge for topics covered on the assignments.  One plan that works well is for students to come to the lab with specific content or skills questions that we can work on together.  But all questions are welcomed.  Also, we want to make sure to communicate that while we cannot review papers in their entirety, that resource is available through making an appointment with the KSU Writing Center.

Please view a brief promotional video about the KSU Psychology Lab.


Currently, in addition to in-person services in our physical location (SO 4026), we also offer identical services via an online resource center, in D2L. Thus, during set business hours in the semester, students may seek in-person, walk-in assistance in SO 4026 on a first-come, first-served basis, and/or seek virtual assistance via D2L.

To request access to the virtual resource center in D2L, just email with your name and Student ID number and note that you are requesting access to the Psychology Lab virtual resource center. 


  • The Psychology Lab is available only for psychology majors and minors. During in-person services, due to the limited number of computers in the lab space (SO 4026), if you are not working on an assignment, you may be asked to make space for other students in the event that all computers are occupied. Although you are permitted to talk about your work in the Psychology Lab, please be respectful of others who are working by maintaining a low volume.

    The Lab Coordinator and Student Assistant(s) are sometimes involved in scheduled meetings with students. This is particularly likely to occur during Fall and Spring semesters. Any time that we are not already meeting with another student, we will be glad to address any questions that you have.

  • Upon receipt of your inquiry, the Lab Coordinator and/or Student Assistant(s) will request that you retrieve any and all notes and assignment content that you have. You will be instructed to look through all notes prior to being provided assistance with your questions.

    We are here to help you understand difficult concepts by showing you how to arrive at the correct answer, not to provide the correct answer. Thus, we will assist with assignments only if you have made a good faith effort to complete the assignment prior to seeking assistance. It is unethical for us to help you complete your assignments by providing answers.

  • This is a lab for the Department of Psychological Science, not an open “APA lab.” Only psychology majors and minors are permitted to utilize the resources of the lab. 

    The lab is a shared work space. During in-person services, for the safety of the computers, please finish your food and drink before coming here to work or leave them at the door. Please respect others by keeping conversations to a minimum and restricting cell phone use to the hallway. Put your phone on silent before entering the lab (when eligible), and do not answer it unless you take the call outside of the lab.

    No books, binders, or other lab materials may be removed from the lab without the consent of the Lab Coordinator. During in-person services, please respect lab employees’ schedules by leaving the lab at the time posted on the door or at the request of the lab staff. Failure to do so may result in the loss of lab privileges. Students will be expected to begin saving their work and logging off computers 5 minutes prior to the lab closing time.

  • Click here for a brief introduction to the 7th Edition of the APA Manual.

    Click here to view/reference the official APA Style Guide.

    Click here for a brief tutorial on proper formatting using the 7th Edition APA guidelines.

    If you do not have Microsoft Office products on your personal computer, as a student, you may access these products for free through Office 365

    Please join the Psychology Lab D2L page for access to additional resources!

  • These videos are not intended to teach you how to calculate, comprehend, or interpret statistics. These videos are merely a tool to introduce you to the basic SPSS procedures you need to be familiar with to succeed in your statistics-based PSYC courses. You can learn how to conduct analyses with these videos, and there is another video in the above section to learn how to report the results in APA style.

    You will get the most out of these videos if you have the programs open so that you can frequently pause the video, repeat the procedures yourself, and replay the segments as needed. This is the best way to remember what you watch in the tutorials. Each video has chapters so that you can jump to particular topics as needed.