Message from the Chair


What is Technical Communication and Interactive Design?

Photo of Dr. Laura Palmer, Department Chair of Technical Communication and Interactive Design

That’s a question I’m asked all the time. It’s a variation on “What does your department do, anyway?”
Let me see if I can answer the big questions about who we are and what it means for you.

Technical Communication and Interactive Design—TCID, for short—is one of the 11 departments/
schools found in Kennesaw State University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. We have two undergraduate degrees, both of which are defined as “Bachelor of Science” offerings:

  • Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication (BS-TCOM)
    • Technical communicators are information designers who take complex ideas and make them easy to understand. Our TCOM degree develops your ability to use images, multimedia, content, and more to create clear, meaningful information products.

  • Bachelor of Science in Interactive Design (BS-IAD)
    • Interactive designers are in demand; there’s a pressing workforce need for user interface designers (UI) in digital user experience (UX) environments. What sets our IAD degree apart
      is its unique blend of technology, creativity, and digital culture. Our program prepares you for a new and growing profession.

The Bachelor of Science designation means our programs apply both theory and practice in classes. Our students graduate from our programs with a portfolio of work from their classes and we encourage our students to seek valuable workplace experiences through for-credit internships. Our Bachelor of Science designation also means we align with the growing area of STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Ultimately, we connect theory and practice in ways that make meaning for students and resonate for employers.

Why Have I Never Heard of Technical Communication or Interactive Design Before?

Our understanding of what’s offered at the college-level is often shaped by our class experiences in high school. For the most part, high schools don’t offer subjects like TCOM or IAD. I’ve never heard a student say, “My language arts teacher told me I could take my love of writing and technology, get a technical communication degree, and make an excellent living as a technical communicator”. Likewise, there’s very little buzz about interactive design at the high school level. Our IAD degree embraces creativity, design, and technology, but it’s just too new right now. However, I’m willing to bet in about 10 years when the profession has reached maturity, you’ll hear a lot about interactive design courses in school and beyond.

I’m in High School. Is This For Me?

Potential students ask if our degrees are a good fit for a recent high school graduate coming to college for the first time. Absolutely! As I said above, if you’re a high school student who wants to design digital screens, create technical content, test products with real users, and more--plus turn all of those skills into a cutting-edge set of career competencies--we’re the place for you.

And If I’m Beyond High School?

You probably understand the workplace is changing rapidly and that new technologies are changing the nature of every profession. More than likely, you’re looking for a degree that will situate you in a dynamic, growth-focused field. TCID has excellent options for making your Associate’s Degree a 4-year college diploma or leveraging your current college degree into one that’s value-added.

So, what questions do you have? We’d like to hear from you so you can learn more about our degrees and your future as a student in Interactive Design or Technical Communication. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dr. Laura A. Palmer
Department Chair
Technical Communication and Interactive Design