Academic Advising involves engaging with a student to help the student process and achieve his/her goals. During advising for our BS in Technical Communication or Interactive Design degree programs, we actively meet with our students to try to assist with their academic success and progression towards graduation.

Who is the TCID Advisor?

Lara Berry has a background in communications and an interest in both TCOM and Interactive Design majors. She is also one of our senior advisors and has been advising on our team since 2017. 

Should You Be Advised?

YES! All of our students in TCID should be advised every semester. There are active changes in class choice, prerequisites, and class names that make it extremely important that you make sure that advisement is a priority for you prior to registration.

If you are a new freshman or transfer student, then advisement by our department is crucial for your success. Please make sure that you sign up for an Orientation session after you are officially accepted to Kennesaw State. During Orientation, you will meet with our academic adviser and be able to register for your classes.

I Have An Advising Hold

If you have an Advising Hold on your account, it means that you MUST be advised prior to registration for the upcoming semester. If you see this hold placed on your account, you will need to make an appointment to be advised as soon as possible.

How Do I Make an Advising Appointment?

Please make all advising appointments with Lara through our Kennesaw State advising portal.

• Go to
• Select HSS Advising
• Enter your KSU Net ID and password
• Select Enter
• Select Get Advised
• Select College of Humanities and Social Sciences
• Select Either:
• Select Next
• Select Advisor: Berry, Lara 
• Select Next
• Select Appointment Day and Time
• Select Next
• Review the Information; add comment if needed
• Select Confirm Appointment

If you are a possible transfer student but you have not been officially accepted to Kennesaw State, feel free to email Lara Berry to set up an unofficial advising appointment to see what it may look like to transfer to our major.


Repeat override requests must complete this form. For closed, prerequisite, or other overrides, please email

Careers, Graduate School, and More

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