Students: Would you like to supplement your classroom learning with some workplace experience in your major?

The Technical Communication and Interactive Design Department (TCID) provides you with an opportunity to earn internship class credit in either degree––Interactive Design or Technical Communication.

An internship is a valuable form of “learning by doing.” Internships can help you in a number of important ways. Below is a short list of benefits:

  • Gain professional experience related to your major
  • Apply knowledge learned in the classroom to workplace situations
  • Network with professionals in your industry
  • Bolster your academic learning with workplace experience
  • Provide you with extra money if the internship is paid
  • Provide you with portfolio pieces

How Do I Apply For An Internship?

  • Speak with Donna McPherson to ensure that class credit can be used towards graduation.
  • Speak with Sarah Weldon about the details of the internship. If she tentatively approves, then
  • go to and
  • scroll down to Internship & Co-op Information.
  • Click on “Apply for Academic Credit” and
  • Scroll to "Technical Communication and Interactive Design."
  • Click on “APPLY” to get to the online application.
  • Fill out application in it's entirety. Please give as much information as possible on the application.
  • Email Sarah Weldon to let her know you filled out the application.
  • Sarah will let you know when if your application has been approved, and if so, Donna will let you know when and how you can register for your Internship class.

What Are My Responsibilities for Completing an Internship for Credit?

  • Keep a daily log or journal of your internship activities.
  • Submit three progress reports after completing 30 hours, 60 hours, and 90 hours of internship activities.
  • Participate in two conferences with the TCID Internship Coordinator.
  • Submit a final internship project report with sample internship projects.
  • Evaluate your internship experience in a memo to the TCID Internship Coordinator.
  • Ask your workplace supervisor to submit an evaluation of your internship to the TCID Internship Coordinator.

Can I Do an Internship For Credit With a Non-Profit Organization?

Some students think that you can only do an internship for credit with a for-profit company. That’s not true. Some of our best internships have been with nonprofits. The most important factor to keep in mind when you are looking for an internship is that the internship for credit must provide you with “new knowledge” related to your major. The internship cannot merely duplicate skills and knowledge you already have.


Do you have a need for interns that can write, present, and communicate complex ideas in a way that everyone can understand? Or, do you have a need for an intern that can prototype, design, and test your application or website with the user's needs in mind? If you do, then our students are a perfect fit for your needs! Please contact Sarah Weldon for more information about our degree programs, our students' skill sets, and how to make sure our students know about your amazing job opportunity.

We welcome industry vistors to our department. If you are interested in speaking with our students in a class, hosting a lunch and learn, or having a group interview for summer internships, please contact Sarah Weldon.

You can also list your internship or job opportunity on Handshake, the Kennesaw State student job portal. For more information about being an Employer on Handshake, attending our Career Fairs, and more, please visit our friends at Kennesaw State Career Planning.

Remember that we are here to help you.

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Weldon.