Technical Communication Minor and Certificate

Do you love your current major, but want to set yourself apart from the crowd and get noticed in industry? Are you in a STEM field, but you want your team and company leadership to understand how your project is progressing? If so, then our minor or certificate in Technical Communication is for you!

If you have completed your degree and want to come back to school for some classes that will help you acquire the skills to start making the next move in your career, then our Technical Communication Certificate is for you.

If you are a current undergraduate student at Kennesaw State and you are looking to declare a minor that can help you gain skills in visual design, usability testing, technical writing, and instructional design, then our Technical Communication Minor is for you.

Our Technical Writing (TCOM 2010) class is required for both the minor and certificate. This class is an introduction to organization, style, and mechanics of technical writing. It includes practice in writing such typical documents as technical descriptions, instructions, proposals, and recommendation reports.

After taking TCOM 2010, the choice is yours. We offer minor and certificate concentrations in user experience, SEO, instructional design, and more.

For more information about the minor or certificate, please contact Lara Berry for advising.