2015-2016 CHSS Dissertation Defenses


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jul 8, 2016) — As we move into a new academic year, we want to look back and congratulate all of these PhD candidates, who successfully defended their dissertations. Expanding the base of knowledge is a cornerstone of academia, and we are proud that these students chose to do their research as a part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Fall 2015

Candidate: Birthe Reimers

Dissertation Title: “Lending a Megaphone to the Muted: The Merits of Comprehensive Conflict Engagement through Photovoice in Refugee Resettlement Communities”

Dissertation Chair: Sherrill Hayes, Ph.D.


Spring 2016

Candidate: Makda T. Maru

Dissertation Title: "Conflict Early Warning and the Response Nexus: The Case of the African Union – Continental Early Warning System"

Dissertation Chair: Akanmu Adebayo, Ph.D.


Summer 2016

Candidate: Maureen Erinne

Dissertation Title: “A Measure of Success: A Study on the Reintegration of Ex-combatants in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Dissertation Chair: Akanmu Adebayo, Ph.D.


Candidate: Amanda Guidero

Dissertation Title: “Perilous Decisions: Humanitarian Security and Risk Management in a Complex World”

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Maia Hallward, Ph.D. and Volker Franke, Ph.D.


Candidate: Catherine Odera

Dissertation Title: Peacebuilding in the Context of Displacement: Women’s Groups in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Settlements in Kenya

Dissertation Chair: Akanmu Adebayo, Ph.D.


Candidate: Pranaya SJB Rana

Dissertation Title: “Refugee Resettlement and Peace Building: Exploring the Roles of Human and Social Capital of Caseworkers in fulfilling Grassroots Refugee Needs”

Dissertation Chair: Sherrill Hayes, Ph.D.