Student Research Fund

The RCHSS Student Research Grant Program provides financial assistance to students – undergraduate and master’s-level graduate students – who are undertaking research or creative activities. The funding can be used for project-related costs, including instrumentation and materials. Funds can also be used to offset travel costs associated making conference presentations. Preference will be given to projects that contribute to RCHSS student success goals.

Note: This is not a student travel fund. Resources cannot be used to attend a conference. Funds are intended to support the conduct of research and/or the presentation thereof. Students who wish travel support must show they have been accepted to present in order to receive funds.


  • Eligibility: RCHSS students (undergraduate & master’s-level graduate)
  • Funding: Up to $1,500 (maximum $750 for travel)
  • Focus: Funding to support research and creative activities, including presentations
  • Deadline: Ongoing


  • Graduate students must be currently enrolled in an RCHSS master’s degree program.  
  • Undergraduate students must be declared majors in an RCHSS department or school.
  • All applicants must have a faculty supervisor who agrees to oversee the project.

Allowable Expenses And Limitations

  • Allowable expenses include equipment and supplies necessary to carry out the proposed research or creative project. 
  • Support for conference travel can cover conference registration, an economy class round-trip flight, one (1) night in a hotel, and two (2) days of meals up to a maximum of $750.
  • Request for travel funding must be received at least 30 days prior to travel.  
  • Funds must be expensed during the fiscal year in which they are awarded and must adhere to year-end purchasing deadlines.  (Travel should be completed before May 30.)
  • There is a limit of one (1) award per student.

Application Procedure

The application should be composed in an MS-Word compatible format using 12-point fonts and 1” margins.  Text should be double-spaced.

  1. Cover Page: Project title, student name & contact information, faculty supervisor name & contact information. 
  2. Abstract (250 words max): Describe the primary objectives of the research project or creative activity, the significance of the project/activity, and key deliverables.
  3. Project Narrative (1 page max): The narrative should include the following in clearly identifiable sections.
    1. Research Question/Project Objective:  Highlight the significance of the project.  Explain clearly why your project is important, original, or otherwise significant.
    2. Methods/Approach:  Be specific in how you will carry out your project. Avoiding unnecessary jargon, describe the research design or conceptual framework, as well as concrete activities to be undertaken.  
    3. Expected Outcomes: Describe project deliverables.  Explain how the project contributes to your development as a student in your area of study.
  4. Faculty Letter of Support: The letter should confirm faculty member support for the project.  The faculty supervisor should also acknowledge her/his willingness to supervise the project through to completion, including post-project reporting requirements.
  5. Budget with Justification: Identify all expenses for which support is requested and explain how funds are necessary to meet project objectives. 
  6. Resume or CV (1 page)

To submit your application, please email it as an attachment to

NOTE: Awards will be made on a rolling basis and will be offered until the available funding has been exhausted.


Projects will be evaluated on the quality and feasibility of project. Consideration will be given to projects that promise to make a contribution to the student’s area of study and overall academic development.  Projects that can be expected to lead to a publication or other substantive scholarly or creative output will be viewed with particular favor.

Award Expectations

Funded students commit to providing copies of conference papers, articles, or other scholarly/creative outputs supported by the award.  Products should be sent as an attachment to  The email subject line should read “RCHSS Student Funding Output”.

  • Funded students agree to complete the project by June 30, 2023.
  • Funded students agree to submit a completion report (see next section).
  • Funded students commit to present their research at an RCHSS seminar, workshop, or other event, if requested.
  • Funded students agree to have research summarized in an RCHSS publication, if requested.
  • Funded students agree to participate in follow-on activities such as efforts to support future awardees, if requested.
  • Funded students commit to acknowledge RCHSS support in any papers or publications ensuing from the research.

Final Reporting Requirements

A completion report is due within 30 days of conference travel or the project end-date.  

  • The report shall include evidence of activities undertaken under the auspices of the funding.
  • The report shall also account for all expenditures.
  • The report shall include a separate letter by the supervising faculty member attesting to the accuracy of the report.

Please email to The email subject line should read “RCHSS Student Funding Project Report."