2015 Emerging Writers Winners and Finalists


KENNESAW, Ga. (May 7, 2015) — Congratulations to all our winners and finalists!


1st Place: "How Can We Reduce the Harmful Effects on Savior Siblings" by  Piny Kane

2nd Place: "Redefining Philanthropy: Changing the Way We Look at Giving" by Jessica Grindley

3rd Place: "Gender Inequality and Democracy in South Africa" by Quinten Allen

Finalist: "My Watch Ticks Differently" by Karen Maximos

Finalist: "Less Than 'Happily Ever After' for the Mixed Population" by Nicole Julien


1st Place: "On My Chest" by Catherine Morrow

2nd Place: "Organization: It's a Lifestyle" by Kinsey Clarke

3rd Place: "Rape: The Reality of My 'Perfect' Life" by Alexandra Hoolehan

Finalist: "Odd One Out" by Elizabeth Hoyla

Finalist: "Literacy Moment" by Kaylee Reid


1st Place: "#HeforShe: Emma Watson's Social and Personal Campaign" by Savannah Winn

2nd Place: "Supermodel" by Elizabeth Raps

3rd Place: "World's New Superhero: The Gamer" by Alexis Paras

Finalist: "Identity and the Adoptee - A Need for Sensitivity" by Hannah Forsberg

Finalist: "A Call for Courage" by Amanda Burnett