2016 Media Studies Student Conference & Showcase Award Winners


KENNESAW, Ga. (May 11, 2016) — The Spring 2016 Media Studies Academy Student Conference & Showcase was a rousing success! Our Media Studies students worked very hard this semester in their Capstone courses to complete either an original digital applied project or an original theoretical research study. Family, friends, mentors, and professors attended the event to celebrate their accomplishments. Merit Awards were earned by eight students.

Merit Awards for Outstanding Digital Media Production in Media Studies went to:

  • Stephanie Clay for "Dressage: The Art of Silent Communication"
  • Corey Gonsalves for "Broadcast News: Then and Now"
  • Joel Hicks for "Can Cardboard Speak? Board Games as a Storytelling Medium"
  • Blaire LaSure for "Your Beauty is Not Defined by Your Body"


Merit Awards for Outstanding Original Research Project in Media Studies went to:

  • Jamison Bone for "The Lost Culture of Hip-Hop"
  • Imogen Farris for "The Portrayal of Women in Worldwide Top-Grossing Films from 2005 to 2015"
  • Jentel Hawkins for "Texting and its Effects on Communication Skills vs. Face-to-Face Interactions Among College Students"
  • Erinè Wauford for "Non-Heteronormative Television Media and its Effects on Audience Perceptions of the Family Unit"