Dr. Amy Dunagin profiled in the KSU Sentinal


KENNESAW, Ga. (Feb 27, 2018) — Dr. Amy Dunagin, an Assistant Professor of History in the Department of History and Philosophy was recently profiled in the Kennesaw State University student newspaper The Sentinel. It's a well written piece that discusses her background and teaching philosophy.

Exert from Professor Profile: Dr. Amy Dunagin:

Dr. Amy Dunagin, a Yale University doctoral graduate and history professor at KSU, currently teaches modern world history, modern England history and British history courses and uses her distinguished and comprehensive background to form her teaching philosophy.

Dunagin’s philosophy on history circulates around its everchanging nature. She believes that history is not fixed but instead changes over time. She believes that including the voices of more marginalized groups and moving from a Eurocentric view to a global, historical perspective is a positive step toward how we view history.

To read the the whole story at the KSU Sentinel: Professor Profile: Dr. Amy Dunagin.