KSU English graduate lands job as Technical Writer


KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 5, 2014) — Recent Kennesaw State University graduate Tiffani Reardon has reason to celebrate. She has used her Bachelor of English degree to land a job at Lockheed Martin's technical publications partner, ISPA, Inc. When asked how much her degree from Kennesaw State helped in her landing the job, Ms. Reardon stated, "I feel lucky to have been able to get a full-time salaried job only a few months out of college, and I owe that to my Bachelor's degree in English and my job for the last year and a half in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Office of Distance Education (ODE)." Besides the writing and communication skills she refined while working as a student assistant for ODE, Ms. Reardon also felt that the combination of courses she took as an English major (technical writing, professional editing, language and linguistics, foreign languages, and literature courses) really prepared her for her new career as a technical writer.