New Dual Degree MSCM/MBA Announced


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 1, 2016) — In partnership the Coles College of Business, we now offer a dual degree program the combines the skills of the Master of Science in Conflict Management and the Master of Business Administration. The MSCM/MBA dual degree prepares students for competitive leadership and managerial positions in careers requiring extensive understanding and interaction with conflict management and business acumen.

The students’ desire for this program comes from the extensive interaction between the two sectors in areas such as global project management, negotiations, and contracting. The programs are completed in 53 credit hours rather than the 72 hours that would be necessary if they degrees were pursued separately.

Graduates of this program will:

  • Develop negotiation, facilitation, mediation, and coaching skills.

  • Program Admission Requirements

    To be considered for admission to the dual degree program, applicants must complete the electronic Application for Graduate Admission and submit the following supporting documents by the the final deadline July 1, 2016.

    To be admitted into the dual degree program, the applicant must specify the option at the time of application to the Graduate School. Students interested in applying for the MBA-MSCM dual degree program should consult with both the MSCM Director and MBA Director with regard to admission requirements and required courses.

    1. Submission of Application

    2. Transcripts

    3. The Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT)

    4. Recommendations

    6. Letter of Intent

    7. Resume

    8. Additional Requirements for International Students

    In addition to the documents listed above, International Students must submit transcript evaluations for all non-US colleges and universities and official TOEFL or IELTS scores. Documents required by US immigration laws, such as the sponsor affidavit, are not required as part of the application process but must be submitted before the student may enroll or attend courses.

    Curriculum Requirements

    The program consists of a minimum of 53 hours of graduate study of which 27 hours are in areas of Business Administration and 26 hours are in Conflict Management. Additional credit hours may be taken depending on each student’s academic background. It generally takes approximately three years to earn both degrees for a full-time student.

    Students will be required to take the core courses from both MBA and MSCM programs as well as two electives in the Coles College of Business:

    Fall Semester 1:

    • MSCM 7210-Conflict Theory (3),
    • MSCM 7220-Negotiation Theory (3)
    • MSCM 7230-ADR Continuum (1)
    • MSCM 7205-Basic Mediation Training Clinic- GA Office of Dispute Resolution Registry- Court Mediator (2)

    Spring Semester 2:

    • MSCM 7400-Research Methods (3)
    • MSCM 7310- Interpersonal, Intergroup and community Conflict (3) Workplace/Organizational Conflict

      Skills Clinics:
    • MSCM 7325/55- Advanced Mediation Skills Clinic- either Organizational (25) OR International (55) (1)
    • MSCM 7315-Workplace/Organizational Leadership Clinic (1)
    • MSCM 7335/65-Organizational OR Humanitarian/International (1)

    Summer Semester 3:

    • MSCM 7320- Public Policy Disputes/ Cross Cultural-International Conflict Resolution (3)
    • MSCM 7500-Dispute System Design (3)

    Fall Semester 4 and all the following semesters:

    • MSCM 7705- Advanced Skills Clinic- Domestic Mediation, Grant Writing, or Case Study Evaluation (2)
    • PLUS MBA Courses from the required list below

    Required MBA Courses

    (courses to be taken in any order)

    • Utilize research and leadership skills.
    • Apply problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.
    • Understand financial, legal, marketing, and human resources.
    • Analyze complex social, economic, and political influences.
    • Construct project management strategies.
    • Evaluate ethics and diversity.
    • IS 8090: Leveraging Information Systems in Business

    • ACCT 8000 Accounting Insights for Managers

    • ECON 8010 Resource Allocation and Decision Analysis

    • FIN 8020 Business Finance

    • MKTG 8030 Strategic Marketing

    • MGT 8040 Managing the Value Chain

    • MGT 8050 Managing and Leading Work Behavior

    • MGT 8999 Strategic Management: An Integrative, Capstone Experience
    • One Elective from the Coles College of Business (Must be an international elective)