New MAPWriting magazine released


KENNESAW, Ga. (Feb 21, 2017) — MAPWriting, the MAPW’s new hyper-linked video magazine has launched. The first issue went live in January 2017, after many months of planning. The idea of a magazine dedicated to The Program was conceived of by Interim Director Tony Grooms and designed by MAPW student Estefany Palacio and Assistant Professor Sergio Figueiredo, all of whom serve as editors. “I wanted a way to tell the world about the accomplishments of our students, faculty and alumni,” Grooms said. “The members of our community have accomplished much, and I wanted to celebrate them.” The magazine is hosted by the KSU Libraries’ Digital Commons, with the support of Aajay Murphy, Digtial Commons Managing Editor and MAPW alumna Cheryl Stiles, Director of the Graduate Library and Associate Professor.

The issue profiles members of the MAPW community, including a 20 minute video interview with Arthur Harris, who, now 90, is the oldest graduate of the program. There are also articles about alumnus Drew Brown, who worked as a war correspondent, and alumna Princella Howard who was active in the Civil Rights Movement. Other articles profile alumni who run local literary centers. The articles contain hyper-links to more information about the subjects.

About This Journal

MAPWriting looks to explore the different aspects of professional writing as a career by looking at student, faculty, staff and alumni perspectives. In the magazine, alumni will share their stories about life after the MAPW, their involvement with the program, the community, local writer’s organizations, and most importantly, their insight into writing as a career and their recommendations to current students of the field. Similarly, students, faculty and staff will discuss their experiences with the MAPW and share project ideas and developments in the field of professional writing

The publication will be featured bi-annually.