Winners of the 2014 Emerging Writers Contest!


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 24, 2014) — Congratulations to the following winners:

Rhetorical Analysis Winners and Finalists:

1st Place—Emily Webb for "You Can Call Yourself a Nerd, but You Have to Prove It to Me"

2nd Place—Kaitlyn Lewis for "Writers Can't Please Everyone"

3rd Place--Patrick Schambach for "Fairy Fallacies: A Case for the Claus"

Finalist—Mahnoor Rattani for "Holier-Than-Thou Attitude"

Finalist—Kevin Rejouis for "Foster the people"  

Creative Non-Fiction Winners and Finalists:

1st Place—Tiffany Palmer for "Practically Illegible"

2nd Place—Tiffany Palmer for "Creating Magic"

3rd Place—Emily Webb for "Tea with the Plow Man"

Finalist—Emily Webb for "Bed Knobs and Prairie Wagons"

Finalist—Natalie Tikhonovsky for "Trivia and Truth"  

Academic Winners and Finalists:

1st Place—Mary Baldwin for "Sealed Records in Adoption--A Call for Reform"

2nd Place—Alyx Koval for "Contradictions in Disrepair"

3rd Place—Addison Falls for "What makes us, us?"

Finalist—Kyle Collins for "Over Sanitation: The Cost of Cleanliness" Finalist—Jordanne Vincoli for "The Fight for Democracy"